On this page you will find, among other things, information about our patron Marian Sołtysiak ”Barabasz” - the legendary commander of Home Army, as well as information about the staff and students of the school.
You will become familiar with the school educational offer and our students' achievements.
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  About school

M. Sołtysiak "Barabasz" Primary School
in Daleszyce

26-021 Daleszyce
ul. Sienkiewicza 11
woj. świętokrzyskie
+48 41 3072057 Secretariat
+48 41 3072068 Fax

e-mail: spdaleszyce@poczta.onet.pl
The school is situated in the centre of our town near the access road to Kielce. Our school teaches not only Native Language, Maths, Biology or History, but also helps our students notice the beauty of surrounding nature, respect it, and take care of it.
The school is fitted with essential educational teaching aids as well as aesthetic and ergonomic equipment. It has also got a computer room with modern equipment and access to the Internet. There is also a library with the multimedia centre and the Internet café for our students. We possess two gyms (the big one and the small one). For the students with speech disorders special logopedic classes are organized. Parents often take part in consultations. Other developmental problems are solved in cooperation with the Psychological Clinic in Chmielnik. From the 1st grade our students start learning English, and from the 4th grade they start learning Informatics. Moreover, the students can attend different additional classes, such as a computer club, modern dance classes, or corrective exercises.
The patron of our school is Marian Sołtysiak “Barabasz” - the legendary commander of partisan struggle from World War II.
The educational offer:
  • English lessons in each grade
  • corrective exercises
  • transport education in the 4th grade with the aim of obtaining a bike card
  • remedial classes
  • additional classes for students who want to develop their interests
  • school chorus
  • dance group
  • sports clubs
  • the Internet café
Common room
The common room:
  • provides our students with educational care before and after lessons
  • offers optimal conditions for students' mental development
  • caters for biological, psychical and social needs of our students
  • develops interests and passions
  • propagates the ideas of an active lifestyle
  • creates suitable conditions for studying and relaxation
  • takes care of safety and good mood of students
In our library we have got the School Informational and Multimedia Centre. Students often visit the multimedia reading room where they can work with  four high – quality computers with access to the Internet. Our students really love surfing the Internet. They, first of all, search out information and correspond with their friends. They also like playing computer games.
Working hours
700 – 1500
700 – 1500
700 – 1500
700 – 1500
700 – 14
Head teachers

The headmaster of our school is Mr Tomasz Pleban. He has held a position since the 1st September 2002.
Ms. Teresa Rzepecka has acted a deputy head since the 1st September 1999.
The head teachers and deputy heads of our school (in chronological order):

Pleban Tomasz         
Cedro Jan        
Kozub Aleksander  
Kwiecień Feliks       
Żarnowska Aniela       
Piwko Jan
Mazur Mieczysław       
The Teaching Staff   2010/2011

 Dziurska Agnieszka 
 Kosmala Lucyna 
 Kraińska Edyta

Primary Education

 Fortuńska Elżbieta 
 Gołuchowska Aneta 
 Guz Anna  
 Michalczyk Danuta  
 Rutkowska Wanda 
 Sadrak Marianna 
 Kiślak Jowita 
 Zwierzyńska Agnieszka

Barbara Durlej - Sójka
Baćkowska Magdalena
Ewa Stępień

Agata Hunek
Grzegorz Wudarczyk

Wojciech Bernecki

Halina Górska

Physical Education
Jolanta Naszydłowska
Grzegorz Wiącek
Marek Mierzwa

 Individual Teaching
Gil Urszula
Agnieszka Młynarczyk
Monika Kraska
Agnieszka Golmento 

Agnieszka Dula

Nature Studies
Barbara Pacierz
Puchała Marta 
Tomasz Pleban

The common room
Ewa Klimczak
Joanna Sciegienny
Papros Katarzyna

 Tomasz Kosakiewicz

Maria Elżbieta Burzyńska

The library
Jolanta Rusak

Student Council
The Student Council is an integral part in the decision making process at our school. Every September each class elects the members to represent the class in the Council meetings. The representatives choose their leaders and particular sections. They all help our students become responsible and active members of the community.
President: Izabela Jaroń
Vice President: Mateusz Mochocki
Secretary: Diana Smołuch

The purpose of the Council is to:
  • involve all students in sharing ideas to make our school the best it can be
  • respect all individuals in the school and community
  • give all students practice in democracy in action
Record” - Student Sports Club
The club came into being in 2003. The club organizes recreational, developmental, and specialist activities. Educational tasks related to a knowledge of sports issues are organized as well. The number of club members changes every year, it amounts to 60 students approximately.
There are 2 sections in our club:
    athletics – for girls and boys
    mini football – for boys
The club promotes an active and healthy lifestyle.
After lessons
Drama Club
The Drama Club classes are very popular with students in the 4th, 5th and 6th grades. These classes became the tradition of our school. They, first of all, develop students' talents for acting. Moreover, they:
    teach students cooperation in a group
    develop artistic skills
    teach recitation techniques
    develop plastic expression (portrait, sculpture, mask, poster, invitation, stage setting)
    increase interpretation ability
    shape students' characters – tolerance, sympathy, sense of responsibility, altruism
Additional English classes
English teachers from our school organize additional English classes for students from 4th to 6th. grades. The students have the opportunity to practise their English and learn more about culture and traditions of English speaking countries. During these classes students put on plays in English (we have presented “Cinderella” and “Little Red Riding Hood” so far), write e-mails and make Power Point presentations in English, because some of them are involved in eTwinning Partnerships.
Opracowała Ewa Stępień